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Hoarding Material & Hoarding Tarps

  • Durable 8x8 Weave

  • 2.8 oz per square yard

  • Reinforced woven polyethylene

  • Natural color which is translucent, giving 80% light transmission to illuminate work areas!

  • 1000 Denier tapes with 1mil coating on both sides

  • Aluminum rust proof eyelets every 36" around perimeter


Mesh Truck Tarps

  • PVC coated woven polyester scrim

  • Reinforced with webbing and grommets

  • Used for dump trailers to secure debris


Insulated Tarps

  • Available in a variety of colours, or clear material. Threads are UVI resistant and coated to block moisture migration into the insulated tarp.

  • Stock sizes: 6’ x 25’, 12’x20’, 12’x25’


Golf Green Covers

  • Custom breathable tarp made for protecting golf greens from the harsh Canadian climate

  • Reduces risk of winter kill, earlier spring greening for opening, speeds up germination, reduces seed loss from the elements and wildlife, and reduces fertilizer evaporation and overwatering.

  • Custom sizes to customer specification


We ship all over Canada!


We also create custom sized or layered insulated, double bubble and concrete curing blankets


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