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Paper Products

We are now proud to supply Northern Ontario with paper towel products. 

With our competitive pricing and various options available we are sure to suit your needs. 

Benefits of single use paper products: 


-100% recycled content is used in most tissue and towel products that we can provide

-High absorption



Available Products to date

Perforated Rolls

MW- 70 - 875 sheets per roll

MW- 60 - 1110 sheets per roll

1/4 fold dual dispenser

MW - 70 - DDW -  150 sheets per box

MW - 60 - DDW - 180 sheets per box

Need somewhere to put your paper towel roll? 

We've got you covered! 

<-- Custom made locking wall dispenser

we also have wall dispensers and floor dispensers available. 

*We can also add your company logo to any model of dispenser* 

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