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We are Northern Ontario's premier custom sewing and manufacturing destination.  Since the 1980's we have been supplying mining textiles, custom equipment covers, fabric, golf green covers and more!


Industrial sewing has become an important sector. Due to the thick fabrics and harsh conditions that industrial fabrics will endure, industrial sewing machines need to be equipped with strong motors and be extremely durable to power through thick and tough industrial materials.


We manufacture tarps, custom equipment covers, awnings, speciality projects and more! Our tarps are durable and perfect for many different applications and industries. From construction, trucking, mining and agriculture to residential applications like awnings and RV covers, we provide dependable protection where needed.


We are experienced industrial sewing specialists, able to produce your custom sewn product, be it for an industrial, medical, commercial, recreational, or personal application.

With our industrial sewing experience, we can meet all of your custom requirements, from pattern development and prototype design, to specialized material research and supply.